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Korean Dishes for Pescatarians

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It's been a year since I became a pescatarian. Being born on the southeast coast in South Korea, it hasn’t been difficult for me to switch to pescatarian diet, as I grew up eating lots of seafood. Now, I would love to introduce some Korean dishes that can bring something refreshing and unique to the pescatarian's table!

Pescatarian Korean Food Spicy Fish Stew

The dish is called Maeun-tang in Korean. People who are not a huge fan of fish or spicy food might not like it, but if you do, you’ll totally dig it! This dish is simply a spicy fish stew with a lot of nutritious vegetables, and it’s so refreshing.



(The type of fish or spiciness can always be changed to your preference.)

  1. Soup base: 750ml water, 1 leek, 1 onion, radish, dried anchovies or dried shrimp, dried kelp(dashima), diced ginger

  2. Spicy sauce for the stew: 2T chopped garlic, 1T salt, 1T hot pepper paste, 5T chili powder, black pepper(optional), soybean paste(optional)

  3. Fresh fish(cod is commonly used or flounder): thoroughly wash, trim, and cut into about 4 pieces

  4. Vegetables: Bean sprout, half zucchini, Enoki mushroom(or other types of mushroom such as beech mushroom or shiitake mushroom), crown daisy or water celery, peppers

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